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Eight Most Extreme Destinations For Your Vacation

Our present world has gifted us excellent and modern transportation facilities, but there are places, which are still considered remote and very few travelers visit. There might be plenty of reasons for it – conveyance, bad weather, road blockage, long round-about routes etc. For this reason, tourists prefer to travel to such vacation spots that can be reached within hassles. Some far-off destinations seem to be so far that it takes days and sometimes few weeks. But for some it is sheer enjoyment and adventure. So, here are some of the vacation spots where you might face problems while traveling, but would enjoy once you reach your destination:

Essakane, Mali – This place is located three thousand miles to Essakane in Mali, a West African country. Enjoy your journey on camels while traveling to Essakane. You will come across a festival where you will enjoy traditional nomadic song, music, dance, ritual sword, fighting and games. You can even buy a tour package that would be available at cheaper rates.

Sakhalin Island – Located towards the far eastern coast of Russia, Sakhalin Island was known to be the home for the Russian convicts. Getting there is a bit problematic. You can take a flight from Hakodate in Japan, or you can simply hire a ferry from Wakkanai, the northernmost part of Japan. There are flights available that will take you to Sakhalin at quite reasonable fares. After landing, you can enjoy a wide array of activities like fishing, dirt bike racing and snowboarding.

Cook Islands – If you are heading towards the Cook Islands, you have to pass through Rarotonga and Aitutaki, which are considered the most widely visited islands. You can take a small boat or plane from Rarotonga to get to the Cook Islands or to some of the smaller islands. If you further plan to visit the two uninhabited islands, Takutea and Manuae, you can always take the help of research vessels. There are fine tour packages available that will definitely ease your finances.

Mt. Kilimanjaro – If you desire to reach the top of Africa then run for the thrilling adventure that Mt Kilimanjaro is going to offer you. Enjoy an unbelievable eight-day trekking that can take you at a height of about 19,340 foot. Hardship is a part of mountaineering and you will enjoy it. Don’t worry, there will be five star hotel rooms along with fine gourmet options after you are through with your activity.

East Coast of Spitsbergen – This is one of the calmest coastlines of the world where you would catch one of the best views of the polar bears. Apart from being considered as a natural habitat for polar bears, East Coast of Spitsbergen will offer you a handful of exciting activities like camping, skiing and snowmobiling.

Mount Everest base camp – Although it is known to be the highest mountain range in the world and cover a lot of routes in between, the entire trip to the base camp is not so difficult. The trip goes like this – travel first to Lukla to obtain your permit from the Nepalese Govt. and then head towards the base camp of Everest - Namche Bazaar. You can continue your journey for another couple of days to reach Imja Tse Valley and then finally to Kala Pattar from where you can enjoy mesmerizing views of Mount Everest. Previous mountaineering experiences are required for this tour.

Patagonia Wilderness - The southernmost parts of both Argentina and Chile constitute Patragonia, and the snow-capped mountains along with the lush green forests make up the wilderness. This can be one of the most memorable adventures for you.

The South Pole – It used to be one of the toughest destinations to reach but many tour operators have made this destination an easy one. Many travel companies and cruises offer amateur explorers with guided tours of this beautiful snow-covered wasteland.

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