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Today’s Top Billionaires Who Started From Nothing

Majority of the world’s billionaires have made their fabulous wealth from scratch. Here are some of them who have minted money and have built such huge empires with their daunting will power:

Amancio Ortega of Spain started his life with a clerical job in one of the shirt stores of Spain and has now grown into $ 20.2 billionaire. He is famous for the world-renowned “Zara” brand and is the head of the world’s most leading apparel manufacturers, Inditex.

Oprah Winfrey spent her childhood on her grandmother’s farm in poverty. But, over the years she became the reigning queen of television and was able to launch a new reality-TV series called the Oprah’s Big Give. J.K.

Rowling is the publisher of the boy wizard series “Harry Porter”. She also had to face many hazards in her journey through life. While finishing her first Harry Porter story, she had to live on welfare and is now a $2.5 billionaire.

Li Ka Shing, a $26.5 billionaire of Hong Kong, was compelled to work in his childhood after his father’s early demise and had to borrow money to make plastic flowers. Later, he made this business into Cheung Kong Industries, which had major stakes in telecom, property and super markets. He is now the richest resident of Hong Kong.

Kerk Kerkorian, a $16 billionaire from U.S. was involved in buying and selling movie studio MGM and as of now, his MGM Mirage owns more than fifty percent hotel rooms on the Las Vegas strip. In his childhood, he left studies in the eight standard and took up boxing. He also took part in the IInd World War in flying planes across the Atlantic.

Inqvar Kamprad, struggling with dyslexia is the world’s richest retailer and founder of the furniture store, Ikea. In his childhood, he peddled matches, made Christmas decorations and has finally been able to become a $31 billionaire from Sweden.

Micky Jagtiani, a $2.5 billionaire from India left his accounting school in London and took up cleaning hotel rooms and driving taxis. He is now the owner of the most profitable retail groups of the Middle East.

Roman Abramovich, a $23 billionaire from Russia had a tough childhood as he had lost his parents at a very early age of only four. He eventually made a fortune after taking over Russian oil giant Sibneft and today he owns the prestigious Chelsea club of U.K.

Reynolds Sheldon Adelson, a $26 billionaire from U.S was the son of a cabdriver and had to borrow US$200 to sell newspapers at the age of 12. Later, he dropped out of college to become a court reporter. Now a casino and hotel magnate, Adelson took his Las Vegas Sands public in December 2004 and has eventually managed the spot of 12th richest person in the world.

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