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Top Five Adventure Trips To Quench Your Thirst To Know The Unknown
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Most of us are fascinated by the wondrous stories of explorations and discoveries, made by the many adventurers, like Marco Polo or Christopher Columbus. And it is this enigmatic impulse that provides the impetus for the many adventure seekers to move into the same direction. However, nowadays adventure traveling is not exactly related to discoveries. It is more to do with pleasure seeking activities, along with a bent on traveling deep into the history of the place and its indigenous culture and traditions.

Indulge your secret wish this vacation, into an adventure trip, taking a cue from some of the most exemplary adventure enterprises undertaken by the travelers from round the world.


To start with, if you really have a wish to play with the snow balls and the zeal to face the blizzards, then nothing can be more adventurous and thrilling than about a two weeks trip to the wonderland, Alaska. The main attractions include, hiking through the Denali National Park, a cruise on a yacht, or the viewing of bears in Redoubt Bay. The cost of the entire trip costs something around $7,875.


Go about kayaking and cruising along the iceberg fields of the "white continent", in the fifteen day trip to Antarctica. The most exciting trip of crossing the Drake Passage, lying between the Cape Horn and the Antarctic Peninsula, is an interesting journey to undertake, amongst the many others. The trip would cost something around  $10,250 and more.


An enigmatic camel ride to the Gobi Desert, is one of the prime attractions to move into the realms of Mongolia. Then there is the largest freshwater lake, Lake Khovsgolv, where the travelers can take access to jeeps and horses. Plus, get acquainted with the interesting stories of the wandering reindeer herdsmen. The price of the trip starts at $4,595.


China is the place where you can fulfill you dreams of toiling high to reach the zenith. Hike through the Great Wall of China, to explore the real adventure of the tour. The travelers can also move on to the various other activities, such as, rafting down the river Li, or biking through the ancient city of Xi'an. The travelers are also indulged into cooking and calligraphic courses during the trip. The cost of this adventure trip is $1,570.


Enjoy with your entire family at an exciting safari trip to Kenya. Present your kids with the first-hand experience of seeing the rhinos, elephants, chimpanzees and hippos roaming around in the rich animal reserve. Also get an invaluable interactive session on the natives of the place – the Masai tribesman. The trip cost starts at $5,995.

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11 March 2008, 09:07:57 EST

Where can I get more info? Who sponsors these adventures?


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