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Ron Haviv - The Passionate Photographer

A passionate photographer and author of several photographic collections, Ron Haviv is a renowned photojournalist who has been awarded for his excellent work from various institutions. His multi-dimensional life also includes delivering lectures in universities and appearing in television news shows. Some of his media appearances include World News Tonight, MSNBC, Good Morning America and more. He has been honored by World Press Photo, Overseas Press Club, Pictures of the Year and the Leica Camera.

For the last decade, he had been covering award winning international news events from across the world. He is a fearless personality never confined within the safety limits. His fearlessness has landed him in deep trouble several times, as he was captured by Iraqi soldiers and Serb militiamen with the charge of being a spy. He is a man of great photographic talent. However, all this started from a mere hobby during his undergraduate years at the New York University. This hobby soon grew into a passion and he started taking on unpaid photo assignments at the New York Tribune and the Agence France Presse. He got his first paid job, when he was offered a ticket to Panama in 1989 to cover Noriegas bid for re-election. This was the turning point of his career as his photograph of the Panamanian Vice President being knifed and beaten took the covers of a number of renowned dailies through out the world.

Some of the significant assignments include the release of Nelson Mandela, fall of the Berlin wall, cocaine wars in Columbia, the freedom of Kurds from Iraq, the Gulf War, political turmoil in Haiti and many other events. He also has the credit of being the only photojournalist to get the opportunity to cover the civil war in Yugoslavia. He even wrote a book, “Blood and Honey,” which provides a haunting record of the genocidal madness and its desolate aftermath. He had also covered conflicts and humanitarian crisis in Africa, Latin America, Middle East, the Balkans, Russia and Democratic Republic of China.

Currently, he is the founder member of the VII Agency and a contract photographer for Newsweek.  While doing this work, Haviv travels around the world and nests in different places. His works have featured in various magazines such as Fortune, New York Times Magazine, Stern and Paris Match.

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