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Four technological advancements that are reforming tourism industry

Recently few modern mechanisms were introduced into the travel and tourism market to transform the entire tourism market and bring in more opportunities for the providers with more related contents on traveler’s location, profile report and inclinations. The trends that stand as a significant influence on reforming the blend of tourism are:

Mobile Technology
Groundbreaking advancements like GPS service, online mapping facility, search based on location and geo tagging introduced through mobile service offers strong, significant performance and content to the travelers at their respective travel destinations.

The assistance derived from the services provided is quite interesting and exhilarating. The introduction of these applications will enhance the experience of the trip and the content providers who would largely contribute on the distribution of resourceful information including great offers and important deals.

Social Networks
Mobile social networking sites join your mobile to the Internet via applications. The start-up service providers include Every Trail, Joobili, Where Ive Been, Trazzler and Next Stop that allow the users to share their experience with others in the same network. Uniquely for the travelers as well as for the travel companies, twitter has launched a geo tagging service that opens up location based search and socializing.
Sites like goggle, travel getaways like Open Places and yelp are focused on enhancing the search reports on services offered by different hotels, activities, contents on local destinations and most importantly comments of other users who have already experienced them.

SaaS and Web 2.0+
Earlier, with the limited mechanization, the local tours operators and service providers used primitive register management system as well as third party allocation to carry online booking and reservations. The introduction of specialized web based software model known as Software as a Service will inculcate modern expertise in an attempt to upgrade this industry with broader distribution of business for travel operators and an opportunity to stand out in the field of marketing and promotions.

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