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10 Unique Reasons Why You Should Visit Bhutan

Tucked into the lap of the mighty Himalayas, Bhutan gives you a time travelling experience. Most tourists who visit Bhutan don’t like to return from there and many seriously even consider of getting a Bhutan citizenship. Here are some top reasons to visit Bhutan::

A Unique Tour

One of the best aspects of visiting Bhutan is that it's a place hardly visited by the tourists. Therefore, the chance of knowing about it even before reaching there is least. As a result, the visit will have a “surprising element” attached to it.

A Smiling Country

The warmth of a country depends on the behavior of that country's people largely. The Bhutanese people are sweet enough to say you 'good bye' (it is used to welcome people in Bhutan) with smiles always attached to their lips.

Tiger's Nest - 10,200 feet above
Hanging on a cliff 10,200 feet above the city of Paro, the Tiger's Nest Monastery was completed in 1692. The monastery was restored after it suffered blazes from a butter lamp. It is believed that Padmasambhava (Guru Rimpoche) flew there on the back of a tiger. It is one of the most sacred places of the country.

The Takin - National Animal

The Takin, the national animal of Bhutan is said to have been created by Lama Drukpa Kunley (also known as  Divine Madman) by cutting off a goat's head and attaching it to a cow’s body.


Monklettes, also known as little-kid monks in their orange robes are a cute sight to watch.

A “Really Hot” Dining

It can be called as a 'adventurous dining'. The Eme Datse, Bhuatnese National Dish is a mixture of chilies and cheese. It is really hot, so always venture into these with proper arrangements of water or you will be left sputtering, coughing and sweating profusely. Watching a Bhutanese eat these with ease may make you wonder whether the Bhutanese are born without their taste buds.

No Chain Stores

If you want to give away the addiction of going to McDonalds, Bhutan is the best place to be. You won't find a single McDonalds, a nice break from your everyday life.

No Effect of Recession

The pulse of Bhutan is reflected and seems to be ruled by "Gross National Happiness" and not  Gross Domestic Product. The people out here are so happy irrespective of what is happening in the share market. In addition, it seems there will never be a 'recession' in their happiness.

Druk Air

In the flight towards Bhutan, you will get a sense of the happiness that lies ahead for you. The in flight food of DrukAir, unlike most other airlines is another pleasant experience for which you will remember Bhutan.

Lovely Mountains, Good King, Untouched Trekking Routes and Dense Forests

Bhutan has its fair share of Eastern Himalayas, with a King on the throne. Though the King has recently given away his kingship to Democracy willingly, still the Royal Palace is the place to be. Bhutan has the last virgin trekking routes of the Himalayas, and still there are forests in Bhutan where no man has ever stepped.

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