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Strange Laws You Should Know While Visiting Countries

Traveling around in various countries of the world can be real fun however; it might land you up in serious trouble if you do not follow the laws of the country you are touring. Most of the countries abide by many laws that range from being sane to insane and here are some of the strangest laws that you should be aware. You might find some differences in laws when you travel around the world. It is advisable that you have some knowledge about the laws. However, some laws are just there for the sake of it and many are there in the books, which are no more enforced. But, some countries really take their laws very seriously. Here are a few examples:

While in Denmark, you cannot drive a car with its headlights off. If you do not turn on your headlights while driving then you might be fined about $100. In the Holy Land of Israel, it is strictly prohibited to take a bear to the beach (luckily nobody in Israel keeps a bear). A law such as this one is quite odd and no one has the time or interest to enforce it. Nevertheless, some other laws follow logic like in Venice, you cannot feed a pigeon - the reason behind this is that the birds’ droppings can often land on the city’s old and vulnerable edifices creating a great havoc.

The South Asian country, Singapore is rather infamous for the rigid laws against graffiti and chewing gum. An 18-year-old American teenager was caned in Singapore for not following the law in the 90s. The chewing gum laws in Singapore was enforced to check the littering and making places dirty because of the excessive chewing gum litters. You should always flush the toilet after using, as not doing might cost you $100 fine in Singapore.

In the opinion of Dick Atkins - an attorney who helps American travelers breaking rules in foreign countries – the troublemakers are the young tourists like college kids who take too many liberties when visiting other countries. 

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