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Nick Saxon- Talented Musician and Television Presenter

Nick Saxon, 30, is a well-known Australian musician and television presenter for adventure shows in National Geographic Channel Australia. Apart from this, he is also a talented short-film maker. He has given performances the world-over, and through his hosting activities, has garnered for himself a faithful fan-following, making him a well-known face on the Nat Geo Australia channel.

Nick's initial foray into music began at a very young age, when he would strum for hours on his younger brother's guitar, absorbing and imbibing the nuances of guitar playing, and then going on to teach himself the various technicalities of professional guitar playing. He is a completely self-taught guitarist, adding another feather to his cap. His love for guitar, and music in general, led him to perform at open nights in his hometown. This was the beginning of his break into the music scene as he soon began to network with other more established musicians in his hometown. He cites Led Zeppelin, Cat Stevens and Tommy Emmanuel as some of his influences. Additionally, he is also very attracted to reggae music.

Since his initial foray into the music scene, there was no looking back for Nick. He has extensively toured both Australia and the world. He was the only artist who had toured Australia with the Australian Surf Move Festival, and had played more than thirty shows to large crowds. He has toured such countries as Spain, Greece, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, UK and Canada. Recently he has also toured Italy, the ASCAP conference in Hollywood, USA, New Zealand and the Byron Bay Blue's Festival in Australia. His love for music, as well as adventure travelling, has lent his music a unique quality, a folk/surfer type of sound yet quite distinct from all his contemporaries. He is currently recording an album "Broken On Her Ocean" in which he will play all the instruments. During his career, he has opened for such established bands as Midnight Oil, Violent Femmes, Katchafire, Custom Kings, Ash Grunwald, Gangajang, Dragon, Tijuana Cartel as well as Ian Moss.

As much as he is known for his music, Nick has over the years built an extensive television presenting portfolio as well. He is the host of the adventure series "Nat Geo World Traveller" where he has presented in exotic locales such as Papua New Guinea, various remote South American locations, Solomon Islands and even Galapagos Islands. His love for adventure and the unknown has driven him to become a force to be reckoned with in the field of adventure television presenting.

He is also associated with Wizard Beard Studios, where Nick acts as a film editor and producer, writing and directing short-films, as well as scoring and composing soundtracks for the films.

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