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Jamie Seymour - The Venom Researcher from Australia

Dr. Jamie Seymour is a renowned venom researcher based at James Cook University, in Northern Australia. He holds the position of Associate Professor, and has conducted extensive research into venomous animals in Australia for over 20 years. He specializes in research on various species of venomous jellyfish in Australia, which has earned him the name "The Jelly Dude from Nemo".

He has held several distinguished academic positions throughout his illustrious career. This has included positions of Research Scientist and Research Director at prestigious institutes such as CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia and Stahmann Farms Moore. He has also been associated with Toohey's at Grafton as a Chemist, before occupying the positions of Senior Lecturer at James Cooke University, Townsville and Associate Professor from 1996 to present at James Cooke University, Cairns, which is among the top 5% of global universities in research. Also, the location of the university in Northern Australia places him in a good position to study the most venomous species of animals in Australia. His theme of research is to understand exactly why animals possess venom in the first place. In order to better understand this, Dr. Seymour has established and directed the Tropical Australian Venom Research Unit (TASRU), through which he studies the venom of the box-jellyfish.

Among the various research projects undertaken by Dr. Seymour, the most popular have been isolating novel compounds from venomous animals, studying the ecology of venom and venomous animals and the relationship between venom toxicity and prey in tropical invertebrates with a special emphasis on cubozoans. Owing to the profundity of his research, he has won several grants and awards over the years, including from Boehringer-Ingelheim for the extraction of novel compounds from venomous animals, HEPPP B. CI for engagement of pertertiary students in marine studies, QEMRF CI for capacity building for research in emergency departments and SLA Saggiomo for studying the cardiotoxic effects of the box jellyfish Chironex fleckeri on human myocardiocytes. His journal articles on the subject have been published in reputed journals both in Australia and abroad.

Due to his extensive work, Dr. Seymour is regularly involved in programs which help to reduce the extent of envenomation in humans in Australia, Thailand, East Timor as well as Hawaii. He has framed and formulated policies for jellyfish envenomation, and due to his efforts, several changes have been made in the treatment of box jellyfish stings in Australia. Several practitioners now abide by Dr. Seymour's protocols in the treatment of box jellyfish envenomation.

His work has also caught the attention of television channels, as he has been featured on the National Geographic Channel's "Jellyfish Invasion", the Discovery Channel's "Killer Jellyfish" and "Killer Jellyfish Invasion" on the History Channel. In addition to this, he also has his own series "Aussie Strike Force" telecast on the Nat Geo Wild Channel. During the filming of one of these episodes, Dr. Seymour had been stung by an Irukandji jellyfish, but was out of danger.

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