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Top 3 Consumer Trends Influencing Travel

Emerging interest of consumers worldwide for a meaningful travel experience is gradually changing travel trends globally. The quest for a new experience while travelling that adds something substantial to one’s life is the dominating trend of travellers at present times.  Trend consultant Daniel Levine states that today consumers are motivated to travel for two burning reasons: First is ‘concern with the environment’ and second is ‘the desire for time with family and friends’.

Here’s a glimpse at the top 3 growing consumer trends driving travel in 2014. 

1. Travellers Today Aspire for a Meaningful Holiday

According to trend consultant Daniel Levine, travellers these days are looking for a more value-added travel experience rather than just a luxury specked vacation trip. He states that the consciousness of modern travellers now has become more value oriented. People now are more “conscious of their values” and want to evolve as a better self-entity through the process of “self growth” and collectively as well.  Today, despite the economic condense people are still willing to spend on a meaningful travel outing more readily than ever before. This trend undoubtedly shows that the present generation of travellers are more objective towards paying back to the local communities as a part of their ethical responsibility to the society at large.    

2. The Green Revolution

Today’s travellers are more concerned about saving the habitat and crusading for clean energy everywhere. Therefore the ‘Green Revolution’ has become the norm of every hotel and tourist destinations around the world. Levine states that the concept of ‘green trend’ excites the consumers. People are willing to try everything now to propagate this blazing ‘green revolution’ everywhere on the planet. Quite aptly this has resulted in the emergence of some unique novel ‘green concepts’ around the world. A York hotel in Toronto features a massive beehive collect on its hotel roof to invite visitors for a peek-a-boo on the modes of beekeeping operations and processes. Similarly, a club in Rotterdam features a unique dance floor that is built to produce electricity when people shake a leg on the floor. Therefore, concepts like these are fast emerging all over to cater to the craving ‘green demand’ of the consumer mass.

3. Cellular Technology

The primary and the foremost factor influencing travel trends is the increasing use of mobile technology. Levin states, mobile technology is a massive driving force behind consumer preferences and choices. Today, mobile-based applications are used for every nitty-gritty detail of a trip itinerary that begins right from booking hotel rooms, booking flights, flight check-in to finding your preferred shopping destination and bistros. Information has become so effortless and accessible now that everything is just a finger click away on your lap. Levin further adds that: “With consumers increasingly able to serve themselves in many areas of the booking process, travel agents should consider how they can become brand butlers and deliver additional services, tips and assistance.”

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