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Kim Jagtiani - The Discovery Channel co-host

Kim Jagtiani, born as Komila Jagtiani on August 8, 1980, is a celebrated Indian Canadian television persona, a household name in Indian television. Quite a familiar face in Indian television, she has hosted a number TV programs. She is also a hot and talented VJ (video jockey), who worked for Channel V India, hosting hip-hop shows like Cool Stop, P.O.V. and club V.

Born in Mumbai, India, Kim and her family shifted their base to Oshawa, Ontario in Canada, where she adopted her new name Kim to sync well with the Canadian society. Kim came to limelight by winning the beauty pageant competition, where she was crowned as Miss India Canada in 1999. She earned fame by modeling for Seventeen and Cosmopolitan.

Now, Kim got a chance of vacationing in India and surprisingly famous television station Channel V contacted her, asking about her opinion to get auditioned for a Channel V VJ. Though, primarily Kim declined, later she was convinced by her aunt to go for the audition. Although, Kim believed that her audition was not up to the mark, she was surprisingly contacted again by Channel V, who offered her a full time position as video jockey.

So, Kim left her study at the University of Toronto and shifted her base to Mumbai in 2000 to pursue her new profession. While pursuing her career as Channel V VJ, Kim put her heart and sole to learn Hindi. Afterwards, she joined with STAR One and hosted the travel oriented program, Exotica, superbly.

Kim was already trained in a number of dance forms, including jazz dance and Latin dance. In 2003, she began her training in Kathak and enjoyed a lot while performing Kathak. It was a turning point in the career of Jagtiani, when Discovery Channel, proclaimed her name as the new co-host of the show Daily Planet, a daily science feature aired on Discovery Canada, since 4 September 2007.   

Jagtiani left Daily Planet in September 2008, and again came back to India, where lately she is hosting travel documentaries for Discovery Channel India and NDTV Good Times.  She also earned a position among 50-semi-finalists for The Best Job In The World, a competition planned by Tourism Queensland to promote the Great Barrier Reef as a tourism destination. 

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