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Burger King's New "Low-calorie French Fry" to cost more

Burger King has launched its newest addition to the menu – the "Satisfries" which is French fries with 20 percent lower calories than the regular ones. However, this new French fry is going to come at a slightly higher price than the regular fries. The new ‘Satisfries’ are going to cost about 30 cents more than the regular French fries available at Burger Kings.  

The new ‘Satisfries’ launched by the world’s second largest burger chain is also easy to distinguish from its regular counterpart - thanks to its new crinkle-cut design. The calorific value of a small order of regular Burger King French fries is 340 calories. The new ‘Satisfries’ of the same amount will have a calorie value of 270 calories i.e. 20 percent less. The secret recipe of this new low calorie ‘Satisfries’ is that it is prepared with a special batter that allows less oil absorption thus resulting in fewer calories.

The price difference of 30 cents isn’t going to make much a difference says the burger chain. The new ‘Satisfries’ are going to hit people with craze predicts the burger chain. People will be more than willing to shell $1.89 for a small order of ‘Satisfries’ than a similar order of $1.59 for regular French fries states the popular burger chain.

This however will have no impact on the taste of fries whatsoever. The French fries are going to taste the same as before only with an added advantage of reduced calories. The mode of preparation will be the same. The only difference will be the batter recipe and the crinkle-cut shape of the fries in order to distinguish them from the regular fries. 

Alex Macedo, head of North American operations at Burger King, developed this low calorie ‘Satisfries’ concept in collaboration to McCain Foods. The new version of fries was launched last week at a New York City Hotel amidst a selected list of media invitees.

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