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Name of the New Princess Cruiseship declared

Regal Princess, a new generation Princess Cruises, is expected to debut in 2014. Princess Cruises is a British-American owned cruise line. Its base is in Santa Clarita, California in the United States. The company was made famous by a TV series called Love Boat where two of its beautiful ships were featured. The company is now one of the ten cruise ship brands operated by Carnival Corporation & plc. It accounts for approximately 19% share of their revenue.

Princess Cruises was founded in 1965, with its cruise ship Princess Patricia. It was never designed for tropical cruising because it lacked air conditioning. However, now Princess Cruises is about to launch Regal Princess in spring 2014. 

Regal Princess recently had a keel laying ceremony, in which the bottommost part of the ship is ceremoniously lowered into position in the building dock. The keel laying ceremony took place at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy. The President and CEO of Princess Cruises is very excited and feels that it is a milestone for their new ship building program. The ship’s keel is very heavy, about 500 tons. More than two million person-hours are required to build this vessel. Ship’s keel was moved with the help of a huge crane that positioned it onto the keel blocks. 

The vessel has a capacity of carrying 3600 passengers and has a 28 feet walkway on the deck. The deck at the top is strong glass bottomed. Some cabanas would be privately located around the poolside. These cabanas appear to be floating on the water. A television studio, a pastry shop, a special Chef's Table Lumiere and a private dining room lend a 5star hotel look to the interior of the ship. Passengers are sure to enjoy their voyaging experience in this vessel to the fullest.

All outside staterooms have balconies attached to their rooms, from where the voyagers can have a wide view of the seas or rivers. Almost 100% of its outside staterooms have balconies. The signature Piazza atrium will have an expansion. More innovations are expected to reveal in the coming months. Several bars have been arranged in the vessel, along with swimming pools and large movie screens are some of the modern day facilities that are surely coming up soon.

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