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The best hikes of the world

Peter Potterfield is such a man who loves to hike around different places around the world and pen down his experiences in his books. Over the last decade, Peter has hiked more than 10,000 miles in over 6 continents. He knows the right time and season to hike mountains of different places. All his experiences and the names of those places are found in his best-selling book Classic Hikes of the World and another book is yet to be launched this year- Classic Hikes of North America.

Here are some of his best choices:


Kungsleden in Sweden is a place where Peter hiked for 3-5 days, about 65 miles in a round trip. He began from Abisko Mountain station and went till the Saami Village of Nikkaluokta. Peter Potterfield suggests hikers to visit this place in early September because the weather is appropriate and there are fewer bugs. The way passes the vast Arctic landscape through birch forests, open tundra and big glaciers. The highest peak of the region Mount Kebnekaise, which is 6926 feet high, is visible from this place. Hikers can make comfortable huts to withstand bad weather. Peter had to cross, big rivers over suspension bridges and he believes that the best direction of hiking here is to head north to south.


Peter went to Arizona to hike in Grand Canyon. He had a round trip of 44 miles that took him 6 days to complete. Only March or November is the best month to visit this place. Grand Canyon is high and it shows you both rims and rivers. The way also offers different trails of in and out. Hikers like to savor the majesty of the natural architecture. Peter describes the surrounding as multi-colored layer cake of the Colorado Plateau, which is worth of geology. The canyon has formed from Kaibab limestone at the rim to the Vishnu complex at the river.

From his personal experience, Peter suggests the new hikers to cross the Colorado River on the Black Bridge and camp at Bright Angel Camp. Then ascend through the box up to Cottonwood Camp and the remote North Rim. The return route involves crossing the Colorado on the Silver Bridge then, ascends to the South Rim through the India Garden and the Bright Angel Trail. 


In Nepal Peter Potterfield went for Everest Base Camp Trek and hiked from Lukla to Everest Base Camp. The round trip takes 16 days to cover the whole of 70 miles. The pre-monsoon time, from March to April is the best time to visit this place, when the place is filled with blooming rhododendrons. Some people also hike during post-monsoon in November. However, this time the weather is much drier. It is always suggested to take the services of local Sherpa guides, cooks or porters.

According to Peter, the greatest of mountain journeys is strolling through Nepal’s Khumbu district. Three highest peaks on earth are the Everest, Lhotse and Lhotse Sar and many other Himalayan giants are seen from here. Buddhist culture is reflected on its way by the friendly villages and monasteries. 


Peter Potterfield liked trekking in Fitz Roy Trek of Patagonia in Argentina. The way starts at El Chalten, passes through Laguna Torre and Poincenot Camp to reach Laguna Electrico. The total distance in a round trip is about 36 miles and takes 4-7 days to complete. The days depend on the pace of the hikers and the weather conditions. Best time to hike here is February and March. Crowd is very less at this time but it increases during mid-summer.

Peter hiked through the iconic ridge of Fitz Roy Massif, peaks of Poincenot and St. Exupery. Fitz Roy rises out of the steppes of Patagonia being about 11,073 feet. Three beautiful views are available at sunrise. Hikers have to pass through spooky beach forests, open plains, glaciers, roaring waterfalls and granite monoliths that look orange in dawn light. Peter advices hikers to hike in the pre-dawn hours especially in the Laguna de los Tres. Headlamp should be used so that you can enjoy the full impact of sunrise on the Roy Massif.

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