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Matt Moneymaker - Finding truth behind the Bigfoot phenomenon

Matt Moneymaker born and brought up in Los Angels is the founder and director of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO). It is a group dedicated to resolving the mystery surrounding the Bigfoot phenomenon. He developed interest in Bigfoot at the tender age of 11. He began attending UCLA and corresponding with other Bigfoot researchers in the United States and Canada.

While he was researching, he shifted to eastern Ohio to attend Law School, because many sightings and encounters were reported there by farmers for 10 years. He went for Bigfoot’s discovery in the mountains of Ventura County, California as early as in 1987. In 2000, he organized his first big expedition in Skookum Meadows, Washington. His first encounter took place in a swampy wildlife, southeast of Kent, Ohio.

In his closest encounter, Moneymaker believes that he was only five meters away from the giant ape like creature at night. Under the moonlight, he saw the Bigfoot growling at him. Male Bigfoot can be three meters tall or nine feet tall and weigh 1,000 pounds, like as a much as a cow. They have very wide shoulders with lots of muscles. No Bigfoot has been caught yet as it is not an easy task. It is difficult to photograph them or film them also. They are very intimidating animals as Moneymaker believes.

Matt Moneymaker is the first person who introduced sound blasting and howling as a technique for locating Bigfoot. He was also the first one to record the long moaning howl of a big male and describe the knock sounds made by Bigfoots. He also proposed and argued that there is a connection between Bigfoot sightings and deer kill stashes showing evidences from the farmers.

Matt uses night vision and thermal imaging cameras for his expeditions. He has starred in and co-produced a few programs about Bigfoot in TV channels like Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. He connects himself with other Bigfoot researchers through his own website for BFRO. People can report their encounters with Bigfoot to this website from anywhere in the world.

Scientific examinations, a number of credible witnesses and their geographic distribution suggest that they may be lurking in the forests and wild places of North America but are yet to be proved.

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