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The Mango Festival - A Royal Homage to the King of Fruits

For centuries, the mango has been relished as a saccharine delight by people living in the tropics, giving it the regal distinction of “king of tropical fruits”. Now, the picturesque island nation of Trinidad and Tobago has taken this distinction to the next level by organizing an annual festival that pays homage to this delectable fruit.

The fourth annual mango festival, which will take place on the 4th and 7th of July will draw mango lovers from across the two islands and beyond to revel in an epic fruitarian extravaganza. The festival will celebrate sweet, juicy and succulent mangoes of all shapes, sizes and species There is a flurry of events and fun activities on the bill including, exhibitions, mango-eating contests, games and competitions for children, grafting demonstrations and a whole lot more.

Additionally, mango-philes can take their pick from a wide assortment of mangos and mango related products that will be displayed at a huge mango market stall during the event. Shoppers can expect to feast their eyes on every conceivable form of mango product, ranging from candles and soaps to preserves and gift wrapping paper made entirely from the fruit.

The highlight of the event is undoubtedly the mango market where fruit lovers can purchase several local varieties of mangos. These include the decadently sweet Julie – hailed by locals as the queen of all mangos. Other varieties, which will be on display, will include the Calabash, Hog, Rose, Graham and Douxdoux, among others.

The creative force behind the mango festival is the Network of Rural Women Producers (NRWP), who will also be hosting the island’s second Mango Conference on July 4. The festival aims to acknowledge the contribution of agricultural entrepreneurs and rural communities in the realm of economic development. The cultural extravaganza will also highlight the economic opportunities that can be extolled from sustainable use of the fruit and draw attention to the myriad health and nutrient benefits that can be derived from the consumption of mangoes.

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