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Four Seasons launches Private Jet for World Tour By 2014

The luxury hotel chain of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has planned to unveil their latest indulgence which is a private jet “Around the World” program. This bona fide tour comprises a month-long journey around seven to ten destinations across the globe on a private Boeing 757 exclusively outfitted for only 56 guests. The destinations of course are inclusive of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. The travel itinerary debuts with two programs: The first is "Rediscover the Americas" tour from February 24 to March 13, 2014, that touches down in Miami, Nevis, Buenos Aires, Carmelo, Costa Rica, Punta Mita and Beverly Hills. The second is a 23 day around the world trip that starts March 14 and goes to Hawaii, Bora Bora islands, Bali, Sydney, Mumbai, Istanbul and London.   

It’s just the beginning only. The add-on services that follow through while the guests travel are sure to swirl the guests off their feet. The private jet entourage will comprise a private Chef, physician and an expert team of Four Seasons concierge who’ll serve the guests onboard. On travel days, guests will enjoy comfortable and expedited boarding, luggage handling and assistance with customs and immigration formalities wherever needed. Once cozy and snug on board, travelers can stay connected with Global Wi-Fi or tune out with excellent acoustic system of Bose headphones. Guests can enjoy between two and three days at each location, and can choose their own itineraries while on the ground. Well, a copious sum of $63k to $88k is all one needs to experience this extravaganza. Savvy?

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