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Upcoming food trends of 2013

Travelling trends have already started changing this year and food trends are also changing. In 2013, we are expecting to find a better way and healthier way of having food. New food trends of 2013 are spreading like wild fire in homes and restaurants. Cooking is reaching a higher level of creativity and tastier foods are developing that tingles our palate.

We have found out five trends in the matter of food for 2013, so read ahead.

Forage food

People are becoming very conscious about what they are eating. They are also becoming careful about their health. Therefore, they are looking for food that is healthier like organically grown food. Edible plants, berries, mushrooms, nuts, etc are gaining popularity and preference for its food value. People are finding new flavours in foraged items from the wild. 

Sampling wines

Menu in flights are taking a turn. Nowadays wine is getting more preference on flight. Passengers are offered to taste different varieties of wines. Flight attendants encourage passengers to experiment new varieties of wines with food for a better combination. The top three California varieties are – chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir. However, the best selling are Moscato and red blends.    

New forms of burger

Cheeseburger has its source in Pasadena in California. Even today the place hosts a special week for cheeseburger. Different fillings are added to this burger to make it tasty and appealing to the consumers. Creative toppings and seasoning impart a fresh look to the food item. Consumers have choices from shiitake mushrooms, caramelised onions, roasted tomatoes and crisp Parmesan that changes the boring bread of the burger into an exciting piece of snack.

Farm to table

In 2013, it is expected that more people of the world will be keeping relations or may be inviting friendships from ranchers, farmers and fishermen for the need of fresh farm products. Farmers’ markets will be more utilized this year and restaurants will make efforts to source from the local suppliers. As a result, menu is going to change rapidly. In some places the menu is updated every two weeks depending on the local supply. The seasonal food also keeps rotating in the table of restaurants.

Olive oil cooking
More and more people are opting for extra virgin olive oil for versatile and healthier cooking. In 2013, everyone is looking for nutritional quality in whatever they are consuming. Polyphenols, which is found in olive oil, transforms into antioxidants. It is also rich in monounsaturated fat that is required in our diet. Olive oil is also known to keep the body organs functioning and maintain our body weight. Therefore more people are substituting butter with olive oil and are using it in all kinds of cooking.

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