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New trends of 2013 - Apartment surfing, family hotels and many more

This year we are expecting some really interesting trends in tourism. People are eyeing countries and cities that were less visited so long. The U.S. Travel Editor for Lonely Planet, Robert Reid visited London for a short while and found a couch surfing site in the north of London, which is basically an off-beat suburb of Muswell Hill. Couch surfing is a new revolution in the hospitality sector.

Budget conscious tourists are choosing residential apartments over posh hotels. They want to enjoy the place like a local while, spending time in the secondary neighbourhoods or browsing the farmer markets, etc. Airbnb is a couch surfing site, which is recently flourishing as a budget-friendly site for the vacationers.

While good hotels in New York would cost around $300, well-groomed apartments in Brooklyn or Manhattan would cost $100 a night. Extra spaces are provided within these apartment rooms, along with a kitchen in case you want to cook for yourself to save more money. It allows the guests to feel connected to the real neighbourhood.

A new trend is on its way for tourists who are keen on staying in luxury hotels and spending more on their services. Several luxury hotels are turning into family-friendly hotels. Previously these high-end hotels did not entertain children accompanying their parents to the hotel. However, these hotels are making separate family-sized villas to welcome high-earning guests coming with their children or relatives.   

Global Trends Report has found out that the BRIC countries are flocking into European and Gulf countries to indulge in luxury hotels and goods here. Chinese visitors are found to save or rather keep one-third of their holiday budget for shopping in European countries. Middle East hotels are strategically locating themselves beside shopping malls.  

The countries that were previously off limits to US tourists like North Korea, Libya, Cuba and Myanmar are slowly entering the list of the American travellers. Caribbean cruises are in the number one position. Another study is showing that the American travellers are crossing Atlantic to head towards Europe. In the Pacific region, New Zealand is the hottest destination. Among the Asian countries, Vietnam tops the list as Ecuador tops within Central and South America.   

Britons are becoming more adventurous in the matter of travelling. Some are crashing on a sun bed for sometime, while others are brewing coffee at ancient fazendas. Some are also found tracking chimpanzees in the wild forest of Tanzania or watching grizzly bears in the wilds of Canada. Salsa is also a favourite of the travellers visiting Havana. Some of the tourists take great interest in learning about the eco conservation of Costa Rica.   

Maldives, Thailand and Sri Lanka are the first three destinations that tourists are attempting to visit this New Year. The countries are also preparing different regions with new hotels and resorts to welcome tourists from far off lands. UAE turned out to be the fifth most popular holiday spot for the American tourists. It has a touch of exotic Arabia mid-haul that has a benefit of less jetlag being closer to the U.S. in terms of other eastern countries. However, Dubai is more popular than other places of Middle East and Abu Dhabi is also slowly gaining tourists. 

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