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The most unconventional staircases in the world

Well-designed staircases make your home look very attractive. There are lots of staircases in the world which are truly awesome. Here are few of them:

Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain, Germany

From a distance Tiger & Turtle looks similar to a standard roller coaster, but if you observe closely, you will see an ingenious staircase, extended through all types of curves. Eminent German artists, Ulrich Genth and Heike Mutter crafted this exquisite sculpture, which was unveiled in late 2011. Tourists could ascend the 249 flights to savor the views high above the Rhine. LED lights are fitted on the handrails to illuminate the staircase.

Melk Abbey Staircase, Melk, Australia

The mazelike Benedictine Melk Abbey Stairacse overlooks the Danube River. It is admired with exotic architectural designs, similar to the Rococo-style spiral staircase – best seen from underneath to savor a sight of the pink-and-gold painted underside. The staircase leads to other rooms of the library.

Chand Baori, Abhaneri, India

Beyond the northern city of Jaipur, there is a concentration of unique step wells, popularly called baoris, which were constructed to hold rainwater. Among them, Chand Baori is one of the biggest and deepest wells, built with around 3,500 steps, that goes down 13 stories deep. Though you can see down all 13 flights, but presently it is not used as a well as some of the bottom stories are gates off. This well can be traced back to the ninth century and it is located in front of the medieval Harshat Mata Temple.

16th Avenue Mosaic Staircase, San Francisco, CA

Around 163 mosaic panels surround this staircase at 16th Avenue and Moraga in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Heights neighborhood. The panels depict the ocean and by the time you reach the highest step, you are in the sky with the birds. Colette Crutcher and Aileen Barr have crafted the thematic mosaics and also enlisted the help of community members. After a number of years of fund raising and working, the stairs were completed in 2005.

The Gray, Milan, Italy

The celebrated architect of Florentine, Guido Ciompi came up with distinctive ideas for each of the 21 rooms and suites at this boutique hotel in central Milan. One of his most striking creations is a splendid Duplex Suite connected by floating stairway with innovatively designed wooden steps that look similar to hollow boxes. Wenge wood floors, ebony furniture, animal-print fabrics, and suspended beds only add to the hotel’s design profile.

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