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Indentifying the Tourism Trends of 2013

When it comes to vacationing, consumer aspirations play an important role. Travellers across the globe are getting more discerning than ever while choosing their holiday destinations. Travel agents are sometimes baffled to predict the places where travellers will flock the most in 2013. Unless they understand the surreal desires and aspirations of potential travellers, the agents will not be able to reap the best profit margins. In this article, let us take a look at the factors that would be crucial behind most holidaying decisions during 2013. 

Travellers worldwide are in quest for the most meaningful holiday spots. By the word “meaningful” travellers emphasize unmatched travelling experience that promotes family bonding. Not only they want value for money, they also want their holidays to be joyous, enriching, and invigorating. For instance, travellers, especially the baby boomers nearing retirement, look for health and wellness aspects while planning their vacations. Consumers look for innovative travel plans beyond the call of lush green nature.

By travelling with a meaningful experience, travellers want to take away a lasting impression back home. Something new - trips with a historical overlay, eco-tourism, trips that explore local culture and traditions will be on the high-priority list in 2013.

Do-it-yourself travel plans with an eye towards health and wellness will also dictate travel plans. Consumers are looking for holiday spots, products, services (such as world-class spas) that promote overall physical and mental wellbeing. If the fun and excitement factor is there too, it will just be awesome!

Another important consumer trend is eco-friendliness. People are getting more and more environment-conscious and they want everything that is connected with their travel to be eco-friendly. For instance, the travellers will prefer to stay in a hotel that is LEED-certified or has a waste-recycling mechanism. There is hotel in New York that has beehives on the roof; there is a Rotterdam club that has a dance floor that generates electricity when people dance. Travellers will want to associate themselves with these types of environment-friendly experiences. 

The last but not the least predisposition of potential tourists is their reliance on information technology, especially, the mobile telephony. Smartphones are going to play a crucial role in researching travel destinations, hotel and flight availability and even for seeking emergency help. Activities such as searching a continental restaurant in a metropolis or searching for a historical museum during a rainy day will increase manifold in the current year.

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