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The most happening luxury travel trends of 2013

Travel agencies and tour operators throughout the world have made new predictions about the upcoming luxury travel trends. Some are even expecting that luxury travel will see an increase this year.

Some of the luxury travel trends expected in 2013 is:   

Bigger trips

Tourists are nowadays choosing longer trips. They are saving enough money for their tours and as a result, they are very much confident about extending their luxury trips. The agencies and hotels are seeing long-lead bookings.  


Smart-phones have revolutionised travelling. Within a short time you can post beautiful pictures in your networking sites, capture beautiful images instantly from the mobile, you can also record videos and post them. Your friends can easily have a look at those posts and like them instantly. The trend of buying stunning post-cards and storing them or sending them to your dear ones is obsolete. Internet connection will help you greatly to update, share and illustrate your experiences easily.      

Lone female travelling

A woman travelling alone, without her family members was a matter of great worry for a long time. Her physical appearance, dresses, specific cultural norms and etiquette and safety precautions were always to be taken care of before stepping out for a solo travel. Lot of tour operator are emerging in the travel industry, which are expert in taking solo woman along with them. They make sure they travel safely even to far-flung areas, be highly attentive to their needs and interests and make them comfortable along with other travellers. Places like Southeast Asia, India and Mexico are areas where women can travel with great style and safety.       


Tourists love to collect a piece of art or sculpture as a memento, while returning from the beautiful travelling spot. Art collecting on the go is increasing. They have keen eyes for design and it easily tells the story of where have you been. Mostly chosen of them are the street arts that are inexpensive and are in demand.           

Foodie Latin America

Food and wine lovers often choose a destination that offer great food or wine. Latin America is a perfect place for such travellers. These countries also allow the traveller to try his hands in cooking along with the talented chefs and wine connoisseurs. Places like Argentina, Chile and Peru are very popular places for food and wine tours. Some of the agencies are launching new trips to Mexico City and Nicaragua that are historically driven.      

Family travels    

It is seen that most tightly-nit or open-minded families, are the most travelled, to far-flung areas. At the beginning, travelling with family might seem very daunting however, some agencies provide very good planning and expertise to make the experience very valuable. Some families are making bookings to far-flung areas like India, China and South Africa. These places offer a plethora of activities for every age.   

Emerging destinations  

Many travelling agencies are finding tourists choosing the new emerging destinations. Visiting countries like Myanmar can be an element of surprise due to their incredible cultural history and low level of westernisation. Some are booking for India, during a festival called Maha Kumb Mela. Tourists want to gather in places like southern India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan, to see different cultural programs. Baltic States such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia that were part of Soviet Union are also being visited for its medieval architecture and Africa is visited for its wilderness.

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