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Dubai is attracting more tourists every year due to its special appeal

Towards the end of 2012, festive season of Christmas is gaining a new meaning. Airplanes are getting completely loaded with passengers every time it is taking a flight. British Airways has recently taken a survey, in which record number of tourists wants to escape the chilly atmosphere of the western world and enjoy the warmth of Middle East.   

The survey of the airlines has also found out the five long haul destinations for this winter. Dubai tops the list, and popular places like London, New York, Miami, Cape Town and Hong Kong follows it. Already 1.9 million tourists have completed their booking with this British carrier. In a recent poll for overseas destinations, Dubai received the maximum votes for 2013. Places like New York, Australia, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro were some other places that got votes after Dubai.    

Nowadays, a trend is being spotted. More and more people are opting for off beat destinations apart from the well-established destinations. People are looking for some new, adventurous places where the facts are not known to many people. Dubai is being the choicest destination now, because sun is greatly available here during this cold season. Long stretches of sand also attract the tourists from western world. Shops of Dubai are more popular than any other shopping destinations around the world. 

Out of all the seven emirates of the United Arab of Emirates, Dubai is the most populous. The country collects about 6% of its revenue from petroleum and natural gas. Maximum of its revenue is being collected from Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ) however tourism is also contributing a lot in increasing the count of revenue. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) worked hard to promote Dubai as a tourism and commerce hub. The department came into existence in January 1997, after replacing DCTPB, which was formed in 1989.   

Presently, tourism is a very important part of Dubai’s Government strategy. It keeps the inflow of foreign cash consistently into the emirate and, shopping is a very big reason for which tourists get attracted here. DTCM is putting efforts in bringing more tourists in the country by increasing awareness to the global audiences about the country.

Dubai is able to run its tourism industry successfully because it has world-class people involved, to bring excellent developments at all levels and caters equally to tourists, business travellers and residents. In Dubai, tourism influences a number of sectors such as, accommodation, recreation, catering, entertainment and transportation. Tourism also hugely impacts other industries such as printing & publishing, manufacturing, resort development, services, food and beverage.

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