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Top Five Spectacular Hotels with Unique Features

The hospitality industry in the world today is booming. There are umpteen hotels in the world that can provide comfort of the highest degree to the guests. Some of them are so mesmerizing that you will remember your stay there for the rest of your life. Here are the top five most spectacular hotels in the world with some unique features to pamper their guests. Let’s take a look:

La Montana Magica Lodge, Huilo Huilo, Chile

The La Montana Magica Lodge (Magic Mountain Lodge) in Huilo Huilo, Chile,
is located in the middle of a rainforest. Guests can enter into the hotel only through a tiny money bridge. The authorities have built an artificial waterfall that expels water from the top of the hotel. Guests of the hotel will be pampered by its enticing bouquet of amenities, which include - Spa Lawenko, mini golf, hot tubs made out of tree trunks, and so forth. The pocket pinch per night is around 180 USD.

Grand Daddy Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

This 4-star hotel in Cape Town is famous for its airstream trailer park. Each airstream rooftop park has its own theme, such as, Goldilocks, 3 Bears, or Aero-Funk. Apart from the airstream parks, guests can also stay in regular luxury rooms. The pocket-pinch for each night’s stay is 160 USD.

Das Park Hotel, Ottensheim, Australia

The Das Park Hotel in Ottensheim, Australia, will be of great interest to the public works engineers. The rooms of this hotel are built of giant concrete sewage pipe parts. The hotel is open from May to October each year. Each pipe is approximately 2 metres wide and contains a bed, storage unit, power outlet, and blankets. There is a skylight instead of regular windows.

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

The Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji, is located 40 feet under water and can be accessed only through an elevator. While residing in this world-class resort, you can ride a 1000-feet submarine and explore nearby lagoons. Interestingly, the hotel’s theatre area and library are located under water too! You can enjoy scuba diving here. The hotel has 24 suites and a luxury apartment. The pocket-pinch is 15,000 USD per couple per week.

Hotel Jested, Liberec, Czech Republic

Hotel Jested in Liberec, Czech Republic, is a three-star hotel having two suites and 12 double rooms. The hotel is located atop the Jested Mountain and constructed with reinforced concrete. It has a unique three-dimensional appearance: that of a ‘hyperboloid.’ This unique geometrical shape attracts visitors from near and far-flung places every year. The pocket-pinch is 40 USD per night.

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