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The top 5 European travel destinations of 2012

The recent times have witnessed a marked increase in public interest as far as European travel destinations and European cruises are concerned. Interestingly, half of the top ten international travel destinations of 2012 belong to Europe alone. This increasing preference towards European tourist spots and European cruises has been established during a survey conducted among travel agents under the umbrella of the Travel Leaders Group. About 82% of the agents surveyed indicated that bookings for European destinations in 2013 are far greater than the previous year.

This survey was conducted from 19th November to 16th December 2012.
Over a thousand American travel agencies participated in the survey. The trend clearly indicates that 2013 is going to be Europe’s year.  Americans in greater numbers are headed to cross the Atlantic in 2013. Traditionally, Rome and London are large crowd-pullers every year. This year it will be even better for these two cities.

Let’s take a look at the places that are slated to attract global visitors most. Apart from evergreen cities like Rome and London, Croatia is fast climbing up the popularity ladder. Almost, 35% of the travellers have chosen Croatia to be their next travel destination. Croatia is followed by Turkey (12.9%), Czech Republic (12.2%), Portugal (10.9%), and Iceland (9.87%). All these places are slated to do brisk business during 2013. 

Apart from these European countries, European cruises are getting increasingly popular day by day. During the survey, a comparison was made between 2012 and 2013 bookings for European cruises. 60.7% of travel agencies under the umbrella of the Travel Leaders Group indicated that bookings for 2013 are higher than the previous year. About 31.7% indicated that bookings for the two consecutive years are equal; and only 7.6% of the travel agencies indicated a decline in bookings.

An important factor that will hugely influence the international travel and tour business in 2013 is the likelihood of spending on account of overseas vacations. The survey indicated that there will be no dearth of spending during the year for this purpose. About 92% of the travel agencies indicated that vacationers will spend either as much or more during 2013 than the previous year. It’s really heartening! Many Americans are willing to cross the so-called “fiscal cliff” and cherish a lovely vacation with their kith and kin in European spots during the current year.

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