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Mexico, to welcome record number of tourists in 2013

Mexico is expecting more tourists in the New Year of 2013. According to Mayan cosmology of Mexico, on 21st December 2012, an era is going to finish with the beginning of a new cycle of calendar. The Tourism Board of Mexico is expecting good things in this new era. Record number of visitors is expected to be coming to this destination of the Mayans.      

Already in 2011, Mexico welcomed 23.4 millions of international visitors and this figure received a rise of 7% in 2012 as said by the Regional Director of North America, Mexico Tourism Board. Most of the visitors hail from US. Almost 58% of their share comes from the US visitors. About 80% share comes from North America. Mexico is making strategies to boost up Canadian and US business and bring secondary marks to the country that lack air services. If fares are kept low in the air services and connectivity is improved, then Mexico will experience a boom in their tourism industry.    

With the beginning of a new era according to Mayan calendar, lots of celebrations can be expected in the country. Visit any place related to the Mayan World and you will find great celebrations. Mexico is a huge country and not all parts of the country are facing problems at the same time. Around 2500 municipalities are there, and problems are in only 5% of them.

Most of the problems are noticed at the borders of the country. So stay away from the border to be safe and enjoy the celebrations of the country. The Tourism Board is very sure of the large flow of tourists in the country in 2013.

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