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Monasteries of Jammu and Kashmir to regain life

In India, the state of Jammu & Kashmir has always been a favorite place for tourism. The serene mountains and its valleys have witnessed numerous people flocking around this place to relish its exotic beauty. Apart from its natural beauty, the place has several Buddhist monasteries that are not much known to the tourists. If such monasteries are rejuvenated and its surrounding places are developed, more tourists will be visiing in the coming years. The place will improve in its looks and the tourism industry will receive an impetus in this state.   

The tourism department has decided to improve the conditions of the age-old Buddhist monasteries. It has already sent a plan of these monasteries to the Archaeological Survey of India and demanded to install basic facilities here. The places in this state that are already included in the department's pilgrimage tourism initiative, and require renovations are Parihaspora, Harwan and Kanispura-Ushkura. These monasteries have been affected severely. The Buddhist monastery in Parihaspora town is only 26 km away from Srinagar. So, once the provincial government takes care of this place, tourism will start flourishing here again.  

There are several other ancient places and monuments, which require improvement in its condition and attention of people. Documentation has been made on such places, and plans are already in the pipeline to bring it out in the form of a coffee table book very soon. The colorful book will serve as a source of promotion and attention. Director of Jammu and Kashmir Tourism wants to promote circuit tourism in the state.           

It is expected that soon after the renovation of the monasteries, the sites will gain more importance as a historical site and the place will develop an emotional attachment to the Buddhists the world over. The place will successfully give a boost to the local infrastructure and employment will definitely be generated.

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