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Orient-Express to launch its sixth hotel in Peru

Orient-Express is all set to launch its sixth hotel in Peru, Palacio Nazarenas. It has beautifully restored a former 16th century convent in a beautiful hotel, flaunting a contemporary reflection of Cuzco’s culture. Senzo, the new restaurant at Palacio Nazarenas will exclusively serve the locally soured Andean cuisine, for the first time in the city. Orient-Express has hired the young and artful Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez to take care of foods and beverage at Senzo. Virgilio ensures that Andean cuisine will retain its authentic features to appeal the guest.

Senzo will accommodate 64 people and welcome guests and non residents of Palacio Nazarenas. The restaurant will cater both lunch and dinner menus. An average meal will cost $57, excluding alcoholic beverages.

The preparation of the cuisine will utilize all fresh produces, bought by farmers, who live nearby the hotel. No foreign ingredients will be bought in the kitchen at all, in order to support the local communities, who grow and sell their fresh garden produces to the hotel. In addition, the hotel will also nurture its very own vegetable garden, along with a well manicured secret herb garden. The gardens will offer varieties of ingredients, including herb muna and a selection of Andean tomatoes.

The menu at Senzo will largely depend on the fresh produce supply and the guests will also be free to consult their food preference with guests. Virgilio, who will provide culinary instructions to his team of skilful chefs, is keen to offer a holistic dining experience to the guests, staying at Palacio Nazarenas. The signature palates from the delectable menu at Senzo will include Malaya, a wonderful cut of meat cooked for 24 hours at a 68 degree heat in Eucalyptus emulsion and a locally source cheese is also used with Eucalyptus in the cooking process.

Virgilio, the celebrated chef at Senzo has traveled across Peru for last three years, exploring and learning great cooking techniques. On his travel, he met many potent young chefs and he hired most of them as his consultants. There is a chef in his team, who has specialized in 2000 varieties of potatoes and another is skilled in the use of herbs from the Sacred Valley. All of them put their heart and soul to create an innovative menu, which is truly a delight to savor.

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