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Dana Kunze - The High Diving Champ

Dana Kunze is a champion of high diving in water. He was born on January 27, 1961 to Karol Kunze and Herb Kunze. He began his diving career at a tender age of thirteen and he took it seriously as his profession. Since then, he kept on practicing hard and every time he performed well.

Dana, the super talented diver, won his first title of World Championship when he was only sixteen. He did not end his career after winning such a big title instead; he went on with his huge plunges to take up greater challenges. His hard work made him win seven more titles in various events, including the Acapulco Cliff Diving Championship.

Today, this super talented man is the president of Water-show Productions Inc. Dana has also been made the world leader in aquatic entertainment attractions for Theme Parks, Water Parks, Fairs and Corporate events at an array of venues throughout the world.

Applauding accomplishments

Dana created a World Record by diving from a height of 52.4m or better to say a whooping height of 172 feet. This record was only possible to break after long years by some other divers. Now he has a company of his own that maintains and produces high dive shows. Dana has performed, produced and directed in many water shows since 1974. He was the first one to bring a multi-faceted approach to diving by introducing multiple somersaulting and twisting dives from levels of 80’, 90’ and 100’. He himself performed special hilarious clown diving, springboard and acrobatic skills while diving from a great height.

Dana, along with his friend Dave Lindsay together formed Kunze Entertaiment Group, LLC. It mainly focuses on the historical aspects of water show business and tries to enhance the future of this sport. Presently, he is into developing three literary works and television documentaries. 

He is happily married to Judy and fathers two children - daughter is Jenna and son is Tyler.

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