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Anlong Zhao Dike welcoming tourists to celebrate Chinese Lotus Festival

Ten-li Lotus city located at Anlong Zhao Dike in Guizhou Province in China has been blooming for last 300 years. To celebrate the wonderful “Chinese Analog Sixth Lotus Festival”, Analog is welcoming visitors from near and far on August 2nd.

Analog is a widely famed, legendary city in Guizhou Province. It is ruled by the ancient Yelang State. The predecessors of the Yelang State once resided on this land and created a remarkable history. In 1652, Nanming Yongli Dynasty was shifted to Anlong. Thus, it was established as the “Emperor City”. Emperor Yongli afterwards created remarkable historical sites and relics at the “Yongli Emperor Palace”, “Imperial Drill Group”, “Ancient Defensive Wall” and “Three-king Tombs”.

Lotus City

Zhaoti, sporting exquisite natural scenic beauty has emerged as the largest and most famous lotus resort on the Guizhou Plateau. Zhaodi lotus is a symbol of purity, boasting an enchanting charisma. Thanks to the crystal clear brook, spanning over 5,000 meters and spreading fragrance all over. During summer, the amazing sight of lotus blossom attracts tourists from all over. Qu Bridge Colorful Pavilion floats on the flowered sea. Colorful fish swim between the lotus leaves with gentle breeze blowing around and hidden fragrance lingering on.

Anlong Mountains and Water

Anlong Country boasts odd mountains, nice flowers and exquisite scenery. The colossal Tiger-head Mountain and Crane with lush green trees are defined as a “natural biological gene pool” by experts. Du Mountain Karst Cave is admired with underground caves and over-ground penetrating caves. Wanfengwu Tiger-head Scenic Spot created by the Tiansheng Bridge-Class First Power Station Dam is adorned with ridges and peaks, and mist and ripples. The serene and charming villages and the ethnic flavor preserved all around also lure visitors to savor an unparallel experience.

Traveling to Anlong is quite simple. Simply board the train from Beijing and Shanghai to Guiyang and then take a bus from Guiyang Long-distance Station to Anlong Country. 

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