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Disney all set to promote Scotland's profile worldwide

Brave, a 3D animation released by the Disney Pixar studios is greatly thought to be the biggest-grossing movie about Scotland, ever made. Featuring an impulsive princess and comedy highlanders, this animated fantasy will portray a magical fairy world of castles and towering mountains. The movie will offer a very unique, more childish vision of Scotland. Pixar’s 13th title is its first, where it features a female lead and its heroic theme focuses on a rebellious, bow-wielding girl. Supporting actress Kelly Macdonald will lend her voice to the female lead, and according to many, the film has all possibilities to turn into a feminist epic.

The tourism agency of Scotland is all geared up to mount one of the biggest marketing campaigns in the history of the industry to exploit the global appeal of Brave and harness the reach of Disney, the multibillionaire entertainment house, which profited $40bn last year. VisitScotland has kept aside £7m for promoting Brave’s launch in 72 countries, across the globe this month. The agency is confident that its Brave-themed Discover Scotland campaign will promote the tourism of Scotland by £140m a year. VisitScotland is taking an active part in promoting Brave across US, Asia, reaching to Japan and China and the agency is also planning to launch a Brave-themed primetime television campaign in the US.

The whole program is heavily backed by the first Prime Minister, Alex Salmond, who expects that the movie will also boost his political agenda and promote Scotland’s profile worldwide. Salmon is also eager to attend the first premiere show of the film on 18 June in Los Angeles, at the start of the LA film festival. It is amazing to learn that hoards of eminent movie critics, film writers and bloggers were flown to Edinburgh last week to watch the film, interview its stars and to savor all the common trappings that Scotland can offer. According to many industry executives, Brave will be the highest selling family DVD on the market, this Christmas.

Mike Cantlay, the enthusiastic chairman of VisitScotland believes that the movie will largely attract young audience, portraying a decent image of Scotland, free from drugs, midges and the dispiriting B & Bs. He said that the film will influence the young minds so immensely, that people will immediately say ‘wow, I must go to Scotland’.

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