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'Dirty Dancing' resort experiences tough times

The Mountain Lake Hotel happens to be sort of a pilgrimage for most Dirty Dancing fans. But off late the receding waters of the lake supplemented by increasing grass length and chipped paints have posed a serious threat to the resort's flourishing business. Apart from these the economic slowdown has also made travelers resist their fascination for travel to save on their expenses resulting in a 20% average sinkage in occupancy of the resort since the spring-summer months of 2008.

In order to keep up with the decreasing finances, the management of the hotel has cut down on its staff by more than half. The lake being the prime draw to the resort, a receding water level has put a stoppage to boating, kayak and canoeing. The resort still hopes to thrive upon the Dirty Dancing business apart from depending on a natural cycle that drains the spring-fed lake every few hundred years.

Dirty Dancing landmarks occur high on the preference list of travelers to crave to spend their weekends or get married in one of the locations where Dirty Dancing stars might have swayed while being filmed. The movie-themed weekends launched by Mountain Lake Hotel a couple of years ago include a two-night stay with games, meals and dancing for $230 with an additional $50 promotional discounts for Dirty Dancing during the summer months.

The promotional offers have started boosting sales but the receding waterline and lack of water activities still continues to disappoint guests who expect something more than just basking in the glory of Dirty Dancing by simply the waterside gazebo where the Dirty Dancing stars swayed and the dock where they stood. The resort has also an initiative to move the grounded boat dock a few feet forward and add an extension to its planks.

The management and fans of the resort just hope that the water level increases in the near future to keep the business going.

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