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Top 10 Cruise Liners around the globe

Here are the top 10 cruise liners around the globe, which will help you in planning your cruise next season. This will also provide you information regarding different cruise liners. So pick your choice from the following list of the top 10 cruise liners across the globe.

Princess Cruises: Princess Cruises is a British-American cruise line, highly acknowledged around the globe. The main office of this cruise line is located in California, United States. Two of the ships of this celebrated cruise line have been used on TV show, famed as Love Boat. It is expected that in 2013, the Royal Princess will become flagship of Princess Cruises.

Carnival Cruise Lines: Established in 1972 by Ted Arison, Carnival Cruise line is based in Miami. It boasts one of the largest fleets so far in the world, which include 22 vessels. Carnival Destiny is considered as the largest cruise ship around the globe.

Disney cruise Lines: This cruise line is suitable for families carrying little children. The cruise line is an American corporation, owned by the Walt Disney Company. It boasts a number of expeditions to Europe, South America and the Caribbean.

Norwegian Cruise Line: This esteemed cruise line controls around 8% of the cruise line markets. Norwegian Cruise line has gained immense popularity for its Freestyle Cruising concept. The cruise line offers enough flexibility for meal timing.

Polar Cruise Lines: Polar cruises primarily offer expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica. During your trip in Polar cruise, you will truly treasure the sight of polar bears and penguins. The cruise is not very big but it has gained high popularity with those who are eager to make trips to Antarctica or Arctic.

Royal Caribbean: This is an American and Norwegian cruise line company. The cruise line flaunts over 42 ships and operates 25.6% of the cruise world market.

Avalon Waterways: Avalon Waterways entertain the guests offer exciting river cruises in Asia, Europe, Egypt and the Galapagos. In 2012, the cruise line is building two new ships: Avalon Visionary and Avalon Vista.

Oceania Cruise Line: Oceania Cruises is an American shipping company that boasts four luxury cruise ships, travelling across the globe. Off late, Oceania Cruises is acknowledged as the world’s largest top-notch cruise line, offering delicious food and outstanding itineraries at a competitive and affordable price.

AIDA Cruises: AIDA Cruises is a British-American cruise line, located in Rostock, Germany. The cruise line is known for its sporty and youthful styles.

MSC Amonia: MSC first embarked on its journey in 2001. The cruise line is presently operated by MSC Cruises. It can accommodate 2065 passengers in 783 cabins. It offers trips and excursions around the Mediterranean.   

So take your pick and enjoy cruising in the azure sea.

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