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Top 5 destinations for adventure lovers to live

For most people, canoeing, mountain biking or hiking are activities, which they can only enjoy on vacations or during weekends. But there are some lucky few, who can enjoy these adventure sports right in their backyards. Now try to imagine living in an outdoorsman’s paradise. Well, it depends on your preference that whether you prefer a pulsating city with a meandering river nearby for canoeing or a serene town, where you can enjoy skiing in winter. The outdoorsy spots have great appeal to both local and tourists. The best outdoorsy towns should provide an array of activities for all seasons. The spots must also be affordable for all people – ranging from service industry employees to business executives.

Here are some of the best outdoor towns Europe and US:

Ely, Minnesota

Ely a small town of Minnesota is renowned for presenting some of the greatest outdoor adventure experiences that US has to offer. The unexplored landscape of Ely lures outdoor enthusiasts in thousands. Boasting a population around 4000, Ely is an ideal destination for biking, hiking, canoeing, fishing and snowshoeing. The place is a waterman’s heaven with more than 5000 rivers, lakes and streams. The adventure sports of Ely are available round the year. During winter, tourists can ice fish on a frozen lake. Again, in summer, one can enjoy paddling through the same lake.  Shagwa Lake and Miner Lake are great sites for fishing and canoeing. Ely also features a number of hiking and bike trails in the Superior National Forest.

Durango, Colorado

Durango is a heaven for the outdoor lovers and you will certainly become an outdoor expert if you reside for few days at Durango. The terrain of Durango, boasting an altitude of 6,500 feet is apt for hiking and mountain sports. The Rockies also provide a perfect setting for skiing, hiking, mountain biking and ice climbing. Tourists can also raft, canoe, kayak through canyons or ascend the sandstone at East animas. You can also bike and hike on the Colorado Trail.

Costa Brava, Spain

Costa Brava, set right on the pristine Mediterranean Sea, boasts an exquisite landscape for the mountain adventurers. This beautiful coastal town of Spain features a number of hiking trails. You can savor your lunch in a serene fishing village and then make a trip to the Cap de Creus to enjoy hiking through the coastal mountain ranges. After hiking or mountain biking, many tourists take their kayak or canoe out on the azure sea for treasuring a true outdoors experience. If you seek to enhance your European experience, drive to the French border located within a short distance. From the top of the mountain, you can view Cadaques, a pristine hamlet offering shelter to many artists. The place is an ideal refuge for creative people, who also enjoy the outdoors.  

Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic

If you are seeking for a location in the great outdoors that has been relatively unexplored by most hikers, make an exciting trip to southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Since, the Czechoslovakian government had closed the stretch of land between Austria and the Czech border, a huge portion of the land in this region has been left unexplored by urban expansion. The hills covered with trees, stretching across Southern Bohemia remain unexploited and the biking and hiking trail in the region feature some of the most exquisite scenery in Europe. The topography of the area is truly picture perfect. You will truly enjoy hiking through the thick wooded forests that open into breathtaking farmland and picturesque hillside villages. Hiking is one of the most popular activities for Czechs and the Czech Republic features over 24,000 miles of marked trails. The Czech Hiking Club was established in 1889 and it is credited for maintaining a number of trails, implementing color-coded trail markers to lead the hikers through the splendid landscape.

Portland, Maine

Boasting a population of around 70,000 people, Portland offers the adventurous tourists a range of rugged adventure. To take a break from the mundane urban life, many Portlanders, head to the beach at Pophman for rejuvenating and relaxation. If you are a water sports enthusiast and like kayaking and canoeing, head to Casco Bay to paddle serene water. You will also find a number of serene water bodies such as Haskell Pond, Beaver Pond, Presumpscot River Reservoir and Highland Lake within a 10-minute driving distance from Portland.  All these water bodies are great locations for kayaking and canoeing. You will also spot several rivers nearby, including the Saco River, Royal River and Crooked River, where you can go for white water paddling. If you are a ski lover, head to Lost Valley or Shawnee Park. The Bradbury Mountain located nearby offers some excellent spot for mountain biking, climbing or hiking.  You can also join a variety of outdoor courses, ranging from kayaking to fly-fishing at L.L. Bean Discovery School to hone your skill.

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