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ITB Berlin to present pioneering concepts at 2012 Convention

The most significant trends of the global travel industry will feature as the agenda of the masterminds of the tourism world in the 2012’s ITB Berlin Convention that is scheduled to be held from 7th - 9th March, 2012. This is not only a platform to earn knowledge about the facts and figures and future of the tourism industry but is also a place that can start a holiday for a visitor or bring business to some traders. This is where every aspect of tourism world comes together and the practitioners and experts of this industry and others that are related to this field carry out lectures and discussions trying to provide the visitors with valuable information and suggestion.

Competence Center Travel & Logistics’ Director, Dr. Martin Buck declared that ITB Berlin Convention has acted as a guide to the international travel industry throughout the eight years of its operation. This is due to the role of the ITB Berlin in organizing discussions on novel topics and surveys that aid the visitors in acquiring knowledge about tourism and model networking platform. The sectors to attend this convention are tour operators, carriers, booking systems, hotels and various suppliers who are capable of offering a perfect holiday to the people will be present in ITB Berlin.

ITB Berlin is the most reputed travel trade show that provides B2B-Platform, where not only leisure trips get started but business starts rolling as well. ITB Berlin can actually help you to extend the business relations, as it is the place from where you can learn innovative concepts, trends and possibilities of cooperating with other traders. Business trips are as much profitable and important as the leisure travels for the tourism industry and what better place can be there than ITB Berlin for initiating business transactions like this. Getting a ticket to this convention is quite easy, as any trade fare ticket would work.

The issues that will be dealt with in this convention are as much challenging as the context itself. Since there has been a dearth of experts and highly - competent young employees in the tourism world, one of the issues at the ITB Future Day will be “war for talent.” Industry professionals and experts will carry out discussions about the ways the companies can prepare themselves in competing for the specialists by learning from the experiences of the other companies. Moreover, discussions will be carried on topics like guarantees like high-quality services in the travel industry and many more.

March 9, 2012 of the ITB Berlin will present a precise overview of colleges and advanced courses that can guide the future managers and specialists of the industry. The next year’s ITB Mobility Day wishes to surpass the already successful Eco - Mobility Day of this year by covering all forms of conveyance, exhibit examples of the new best practices and sharing findings on the environment-friendly transport. Other than economic and ecological issues, a new topic of accessibility will be introduced in the ITB CSR Day. Sessions will be put into probing into the increasing growth of sustainability certificates and their trustworthiness in case of both consumers and the industry. At the same day, Studious, the tour operator will be speaking about the human rights in this industry.

ITB Berlin will also put forward an effort in relation to health tourism, where the topic of discussion will be “ITB Health Tourism Battle.” About 9 destinations and companies will be presenting their ideas and audience will have to decide whose concept seems best by pressing a button. With these ideas and planning in tow, ITB Berlin, 2012 aims at better turnout of specialists and visitors and press coverage.

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