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Liz Cavalier – The Gator Queen

Liz Cavalier Choate is a female gator hunter in South Louisiana. There are not many intrepid lady gator hunters like her in the swamp. Now, she is 41-year-old and popularly known as “Gator Queen.” From a very early age, Liz has been hunting alligators under the guidance of his father, CJ Dupre and she used to stay with her parents in the marsh round the year. Liz used to travel with her father in the boat all the time and learnt many skills from him. Liz has a pet called Charlie-Pie, which was an alligator measuring seven feet. She has been hunting alligators with her father since she was 12. 

Liz Cavalier is not originally from Vermilion Parish. She was born and brought-up in Pierre Part, located in the north of Morgan City. Few years back, representatives of History Channel, came to Pierre Park in search of a female alligator hunter. The Swamp people readily gave the rep of History Channel, the name of their Gator Queen. Very soon, the channel contacted her and drove to Pecan Island in August. Her interview was filmed and brought to the producers of the show.

Cavalier has always considered herself as a “simple person.” In every alligator season, she hunts within 2,900 acres near Houma. However, her hunting of alligators in the first week of alligator season was not filmed by the History Channel. 

Liz said that she was comfortable when hunting alligators with Landry, though they had some differences over few things. However, she remained tight-lipped about the issues and encouraged everyone to watch the episodes to find out. However, one thing Cavalier holds that there is no change in her after she was filmed and she remains the same person as she was before.

Lately, Liz’s brother, Don Rich composed and produced a song about her, called “Gator Queen.” Presently, Cavalier resides with her husband Justin Choate on the Freshwater City Road near the Front Ridge Road before Pecan Island. Liz is thankful to her husband for supporting her for last few years and aiding her in hauling those huge gators in the boat. She is also very pleased as her daughter Jessica and stepsons Destin and Daimon are carrying the traditions.

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