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Mauritius to become the New Destination for Spiritual Tourism

Spiritualism will have a new address in the world, as Mauritians plans to extend its tourism strategies to include spirituality. The basic idea is to add something special to the tourism of Mauritius, which will have something to do with heritage of the native place. For this added attraction, spirituality is considered to be the best alternative and so Mauritius is planning to start heritage tourism following the footsteps of Seychelles where "Praslin Heritage Route" is planned to be established. Thus, two spiritual abodes that are part of the "Vanilla Islands" are waiting to open their doors to the spiritual world.

Mauritius is also attempting to initiate heritage tourism. To make this happen, MTPA or the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority is attempting to come to an understanding with the Council of Religion of the country and keeping a memorandum of the discussions carried out over the issue of opening some spiritual places to the visitors where they can visit to worship their deities. Deliberations are being put into this because this entire thing has to be done maintaining the code of ethics of the travel industry as well.

With the sanction earned for creating spiritual destination, many things will be banned and restricted. For starters, people will be barred from entering any spiritual place if they are not properly dressed, which means people who are generally scantily dressed will be stopped from entering the place. Similarly, people would be asked to enter the place barefooted as well and thus, many changes of this sort are going to happen here if this gets sanctioned.

This idea will nurture the already abounding tourism sector of Mauritius, where people from all corners of the world visit to enjoy the diverse religious festivals and celebrations that are observed throughout the island. With the introduction of this arena of tourism, a potentially important sector of tourism will be covered, which will be further enhanced by new enterprises and products. Keeping the plans similar to the "annual calendar of events," used in Seychelles, Mauritius has also summed up cultural and religious festivals of the island. This all-inclusive information will be made available to the visitors through printed material as well as websites. With this information, people will become aware of the richness of the cultural diversity of Mauritius and what they can expect to encounter on this island when they visit here on vacation.

Plans exist to mark about 400 places as spiritually and culturally significant places of worship. It is due to this, a platform is set for the citizens of Mauritius who would be given the opportunity to present their opinions about values in relation to tourism. With this, a wide range of code of ethics will be prepared to adhere to the sentiments of the locals and also to protect them from getting distressed during the hours the organized tours would be conducted. After going through all the stages, Mauritius will become one of the popular spiritual destinations of this world.  

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