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Del Taco unveils New Restaurant Design

A new prototype logo and restaurant design has been unveiled by Del Taco. A new Del Taco restaurant in McKinney, Texas will be the first to feature the new design. The new prototype design was developed by Tesser Inc, the San Francisco based brand strategy and design firm.

According to John Cappasola, the Chief Brand Officer of Del Taco in Lake Forest, California, the objective of this new design was to “evolve the brand without losing sight of what brought us here.” Theis new design is aimed to emphasize certain brand attributes, which contribute to the value message like freshness and quality. He also added that the loyal fans of Del Taco are aware of the emphasis on “made-to-order-fresh” but broad awareness of this emphasis is not there. He feels that hard work is only thing needed to acquire credit for what Del Taco restaurants already do for their customers, everyday.

Del Taco is a quick-service hybrid that offers American-style Mexican menu and American menu like fries, shakes and burgers and for this reason, it is considered to be a value player. The restaurant chain is known for its specialities like Burritos, Nachos, Chilli Cheddar Fries, Bacon Double Del Cheeseburger, Shakes, Quesadillas, Jalapeño Rings, Shakes and many more.

While the outside design aims to make it stand out on the street, the interior design includes new flooring, new seating options, new colour scheme and updated logo. The new interior design of the restaurant incorporates wall phrases like “cheddar hand-grated here”, “chicken grilled here” and “beans slow cooked here.” The new design is also inclusive of a salsa bar, which is a first for Del Taco. Besides featuring two types of salsa, the salsa bar will offer signature sauces like Del Scorcho, Del Inferno and mild sauce.

The new prototype consists of a curved roof that evokes the rolling hills of the new logo. At around 2100 to 2200 square feet, more flexibility in location is offered by the new design. Though standalone real estate opportunities have been traditionally sought by Del Taco, the new design will fit end-cap locations with a drive through.

With time, a smaller and non-traditional format might also be availed by Del Taco to expand its “menu of venue” options. Since last fall, the company has been testing its elements at various stores. Last year, the building design was reworked by Del Taco in order to reduce costs by around 30 percent. The new prototype enabled Del Taco to keep build-out costs to the same reduced level.

Though the reactions of the guests to the various elements of the new design have been positive, the impact on the whole new design on sales is quite early to be estimated. Over the past 18 months, positive sales trends have been seen by the 525 units of Del Taco. This year, the chain has added units in seven locations, out of which two is company-owned and five are franchise. Before the end of the year, the company plans to add another seven to eight units, out of which two or three will be company units and five will be franchise.

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