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Jeremy Wade - The extreme angler who finds his life-source in water

Jeremy John Wade is a British environmentalist, television host and a writer who has gained much of his popularity as an extreme angler, specializing in catching the deadliest and most powerful fishes on earth. Jeremy nurtures a special interest in fresh water and has been trotting across the globe, fishing giant freshwater fish. His fishing expeditions in the Congo and the Amazon are quite noteworthy and lately he has been ranked as the No.1 angler according to the angling news.

Early Life and career

Born in 5 May 1950, Jeremy Wade was brought up in the rural Suffolk in England. After obtaining a degree in zoology from Bristol University and a postgraduate teaching certificate in biological sciences from the University of Kent, Jeremy went to work as a biology teacher in a secondary school of Kent.

From a very early age, Wade showed his interest in angling on the Suffolk Stour, fishing carp and catfish. At the age of 16, he became the youngest member of the British Carp Study Group. Drawing inspiration from a magazine article about fishing for mahseer, Jeremy visited India in the year 1982, which proved to be a turning point in his career. Since then he has ventured out for angling in Southeast Asia, Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo), the People's Republic of Congo, South America, India (again) and the Amazon. He revealed that before his first expedition to the Amazon, he studied Portuguese for three months and for three hours a day to prepare his groundwork.

Wade had to face several obstacles during his trips around the world. He suffered from malaria, was captivated for spying, narrowly escaped drowning and survived a plane crash. Meanwhile he pursued his career as a tour leader, motorcycle dispatch rider, supply teacher, art tutor, translator (Portuguese-English), public relations consultant, dishwasher, newspaper reporter and a senior editor.

His significant works

“Somewhere Down the Crazy River” is a noteworthy work of Wade, which he wrote with Paul Boote and published in 1992. It is considered one of the classics of angling literature, where Wade narrates the rediscovery of the Indian masher and the goliath tiger fish of the Congo. In 1994, an amazing photograph of an animal taken by Wade in an Amazon lake left the scientists spell bound.

Wade has also photographed another Amazon myth - the Giant Arapaima, a TV series centered around which was aired the 2002 British television series, Jungle Hooks. In his 2006 series of Jungle Hooks, India also witnessed an underwater creature that was not seen before on television.

His other memorable project is River Monsters, which features some fishes of stunning dimensions and appearance. Following the soaring success of the original River Monsters series, which drew the largest ever audiences in the history of the Animal planet US, a second seven part series was aired in 2010.

Lately, Wade resides in the countryside near Bath and has not tied the knot yet.

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