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The best destinations to celebrate New Years Eve

No one can think of staying back at home during the New Years Eve and everyone is brimming with new ideas to make the eve more happening. Celebrating the New Years Eve has become a tradition, which symbolizes a new hope with the New Year ahead. So, here is our list of some of the most happening new years’ eve destinations of the world:  

New York City, New York
On December 31, the Time Square in New York becomes the centre of attraction where a lot of people across the globe gather to witness the ball drop, symbolizing the beginning of the New Year. With the legendary clubs, the ritzy hotel and the five star dinners, it is a grand treat for all the visitors. 

London, England
The city of London vibrates with varieties of events, which drag the visitors from all over Europe on the New Years Eve. The London parade held on the New Year’s Day is a great attraction to the visitors. The celebration is eventful with marching bands, clowns, the breathtaking fireworks display at London’s Big Ben clock tower and many more.

Paris, France
The New Years Eve in Paris creates a harmonious environment with thousands of people drinking Parisian wine and offering each other good wishes and even to the strangers. The two spots of attractions are the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel tower. If you start your evening at the Champs Elysees then with the stroke of midnight you will reach the Arc d Triomphe.

Sydney, Australia
The grandeur of Sydney New Years Eve celebration draws millions of people to have a blast. The firework along the Sydney Harbor is worth watching. Moreover after celebrating in Sydney, one can easily shift to some other country, celebrating the New Year twice.

Berlin, Germany
The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, which is lit up during the New Years Eve, offers a wonderful visual experience to all the visitors accumulating at the gate every year to greet the year ahead. Though Berlin is quite chilling at that time but the warmth of the people will make you forget the cool. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The celebration of the New Years Eve at Rio reaches its height at the stroke of the midnight which the people start early in the evening and continue up to the next morning. Before midnight, everybody is draped in white dresses throwing flowers in the water, symbolizing good fate. The spectacular firework in the exotic Copacabana Beach is quite popular among the visitors.

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