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Enjoy the truest culture of the Arab world with Al Mamlouka Hotel, Syria

Explore the mystery of the Arab world at Al Mamlouka Hotel in Syria. This 17th century boutique hotel offers you the chance to experience the ancient culture of the place. Located in the Christian quarter of Damascus' old city, Syria, Beit Al Mamlouka was originally a family owned house. It took three years for May Mamarbachi to restore the Old Damascene house after which she sold it in 2007 to Antoun Mezannar.

This pink colored wall hotel is built around a central courtyard with citrus trees and a fountain. This eight bedroom boutique hotel lacked basic services in the initial days.

Location of the hotel

The hotel is situated in Bab Touma, Qemarieh Street in front of Hammam Bakri, next to Elissar Restaurant. It is only 30 minutes by car from the Damascus Airport and is the Christian quarter of Damascus's old city in Syria.

Design of the hotel

The hotel boasts 18th century features and a mid 16th century archway. In one of the suites, there is a fountain in the shape of a rose and an original 230 year old Christian fresco on the ceiling. Each room is beautifully decorated in traditional Syrian style using all local products. All curtains are made of brocade and beds fitted with Damascene quilts. Even bathrooms are fitted with hand made and painted tiles and drawings.


The hotel consists of 8 bedrooms - two singles, two doubles and four suites. The hotel is equipped with terraces, private patios and a courtyard. The hotel also features an Old Bayke (stable) that is converted into a gallery, breakfast room and bar. The walls are decorated with local art exhibitors for sale and hand painted verses of old Arabic poetry drawn on it.


All rooms have the essential modern facilities including television with satellite channels, Internet, air-conditioning units for the summer months and a mini-bar. Each room has a different name and is decorated with a unique sense of style depicting the particular period in history. The most famous is the Suleiman Suite. Other suite names are Baybars I, Harun ar-Rashid, Aghia Sophia, Ibn Rished “Averros” and Ibn Sina “Avicenna”.

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